Golf is a wonderful game both for leisure and competition. If you are causal golfer, this game is a good way to spend a whole day outside when the skies are clear and there is bright sunshine all around. You could learn the basics of golfing and who knows over some time, you could become an experienced and expert golfer. While golf was the domain on only male players, today thousands of women are also getting into the game. Some legendary women golfers have left their mark when they played or even now when they are planning. It is a game that teaches patience, concentration and focus. It is not of the easiest game to master and requires hours of practice only after which some level of perfection will be achieved. You must, as a woman, be properly attired if you want to play them properly. While comfort and ease of playing are the most important points, women players also like to look fashionable and contemporary when playing in front of spectators or even in private golf grounds. We will have a look at the important points to be kept in mind whenever there is a need to choose the right outfits for women golfers.

Some Basics About Women’s Golf Clothing

As more numbers of women are taking up golf, it is quite obvious that the cute golf apparel will also change in the market. If you spend time on the internet, it will not be long before you can come across some of the most fascinating and stylish golf dresses. As a woman, you would like to buy them, but you must always keep in mind that the dresses that you buy are in line with the dressing codes that are in place. These are in place across all golf courses and most of them follow standard practice, while there could be some changes here and there.

What To Look For

Most golf clubs are extremely strict about the dress codes. This is all the more true for some exclusive golf clubs. But things are changing as modern women are protesting and there are rumblings of protest and dissension. Many promising golfers are ready to give up their golf kit because of the rigid dress sense and other such things. This is bringing in quite a bit of change. We are coming across bare thighs, shorter hems, and sleeveless tops making way for womens golf polo shorts and there also is a shift towards bright colors, patterns, and designs.

Some Basics

Sticking to the dress code is important. But at the same time, the clothing should be breathable, lightweight and should also be made from durable fabric. This will help to thwart sweat and also prevent bad odor from emanating. On a hot day, women golfers would like to feel comfortable and airy but at the same time, the dresses should not be too provocative and revealing.

The Final Word

Dress sense for women in golf is much more than tops and bottoms. Other things must be taken into account and these include caps, hats, shoes, sunglasses and a host of other such things. The winter month dressing code should also be taken into account.


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