Individuals with spinal disorders are cared for by many health professionals, each of whom plays a slightly different function. The most suitable health expert or group of healthcare workers is determined in large part by the person’s illness and the duration of those symptoms.

Different types of back doctors in Longview TX

Family doctor

The majority of back pain issues are first handled at a general physician’s or family practice doctor’s office. This is because it is frequently a pain issue that has been present for a long time before the individual seeks assistance.

Physical therapy

Physical therapists can help persons with back pain. Most chronic pain treatment regimens include physical therapy.


If the pain is caused by arthritis, like spondylitis, a specialist will most likely be your main back care provider.


A spine surgeon is usually trained in either orthopedic surgery or neurology and is fully qualified in one of these specialties. Though most kinds of back problems can be treated without operation, in some cases surgical procedure may be the only measure to avoid neurological impairments from increasing and to treat the source of your discomfort.


Your doctor may refer you to an expert, including a neurologist if you experience spinal or back problems that appear to be neurological.

When should you consult a back doctor?

Take pain killer and put ice on the back when it initially hurts. Although you may have to relax for some time, it’s necessary to stay active and limit pain meds.

Consult a doctor if the discomfort is extreme, lasts over several days, and prevents you from engaging in routine everyday activities. If you have any of the following symptoms, you should get medical attention as soon as possible.

  • Back pain following a traumatic event.
  • Decreased strength.
  • Chronic pain is related to a fever.
  • Weight loss that isn’t explained and is linked to back discomfort

Also, if you’ve any unique health risks for cancer, inflammation, or spine injury, proceed with caution.

Which doctor should you visit if you are suffering from Back Pain?

If your chronic pain is the result of a recent sprain or minor injury, your back doctors in Longview TX can most likely assist you. However, if the back pain is severe, persistent, or followed by other signs like numbness in the legs, you should consult a doctor. Begin by seeing someone who specializes in non-surgical treatment. Physiatrists, chiropractors, or orthopedic surgeons may be involved.

They can assess your situation and give a solution to help you feel better. They may also send you to some other kind of back experts, such as physical therapy, pain control expert, or spinal surgeon, based on your conditions.

It’s critical to understand what kind of pain you experience regularly and what types of pain are unusual. It’s significant to see a professional when your ordinary back pain becomes more severe. The first step in maintaining your spine’s wellness is to be aware of anything out of the normal. Back pain must not prevent you from enjoying your life or participating in the things you like.

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Which Doctor Should You Visit If You Are Suffering from Back Pain?