Social listening is a terrific method to stay on top of what customers and prospects are saying about your company, content, product/service, customer service, and more.

Top 5 social listening platforms

  1. Awario

Awario is a new technology that makes social media and online monitoring accessible to companies of all sizes.

Supported networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, news and blogs, Reddit, Google+, the web.


  • A Boolean search option that allows you to create more flexible searches and increase the accuracy of your results.
  • The most influential people talking about your brand, competitors, or industry, according to an Influencers report.
  • A free Leads add-on for social media sales prospecting.
  • All options include enterprise-level analytics including sentiment analysis, location and language breakdown, and limitless historical data.

Pricing: The Starter plan starts at $29 per month and includes three monitoring alerts.

  1. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a great two-in-one solution that handles both scheduling and monitoring. With a single click, you can identify influencers in your social media audience and allocate conversations to your staff.

Supported networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.


  • The ability to categorise important references.
  • Being ability to delegate chats to members of your team.
  • Influencers and brand ambassadors can be identified using audience information.
  • A built-in CRM that allows you to develop prospect and influencer lists.

Pricing: The Small plan, which includes three social media profiles and a single user, starts at $49 per month.

  1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is social media of twitter which is the official dashboard. It allows you to handle your presence in Twitter like a company or a business, especially when you have many accounts that you post to on a daily basis.

Supported networks: Twitter


  • Twitter search filters built-in, including  language,  location, and negative terms.
  • Multiple accounts can be scheduled on Twitter.
  • A tidy column style that helps you organise your feeds.


Pricing: Free.

  1. Keyhole

Twitter, Instagram, and news hashtag and keyword tracker in real time. Keyhole is another two-in-one social media tool that allows you to automate your posts while also tracking keywords or hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. You can also keep track of brand references on blogs and news sites.

Supported networks: Instagram, Twitter, news and blogs.


  • Capabilities in social media management keyword clouds,
  • Sentiment analysis, mention maps and keyword clouds,  are examples of powerful analytics.
  • Higher-tier plans include API access.

Pricing: The Basic package from Keyhole costs $49 per month and includes one keyword search and 5,000 monthly social media posts.

  1. Mention

Another social media and web monitoring tool is Mention. It focuses on real-time search; if you set up an alert, you’ll get results from the last 24 hours. Under the Custom plans, historical data is available upon request.

Supported networks: Twitter, news and blogs Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Reddit, , the web.


  • Tags let you keep track of your mentions.
  • The identification and management of influencers.
  • The option to create your own custom reports and have them delivered automatically.
  • An interface with Slack that sends the most recent mentions to your Slack channels.

Pricing: The $29 Solo plan comes with two notifications and 3,000 mentions.


Social listening platforms comprises tracking customer feedback, direct mentions of your brand, and any debates about subjects, relevant keywords, competitors, or sectors on your brand’s social media pages. This is followed by an examination of the data. Any findings you reach will aid you in determining the most effective strategies to improve your brand awareness, social media strategy, and social presence.

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Top 5 Social Listening Platforms