Call tracking lets you track the call source to know the ROI of marketing channels. The tracking is possible because of the virtual number used for each campaign. Businesses can track campaigns through the use of unique virtual numbers with each campaign, you’ll easily track the call source. As all incoming call routing happens with a virtual number, they get tracked and recorded for usage.

Various aspects determine the success of call track software. However, the main aspect to look after is its features. Simple-to-use functionality and features let the users operate call tracking software freely and easily. It is applicable in almost all scenarios to involve user engagement. Best call tracking services.

Thus, there are some main features that the best call tracking software must have. Businesses must consider these while they search for a great call tracking system. Let’s look at the best call tracking software features.

Record Calls Automatically

You should know how your team members approach respective clients. The project conversion is based on the first approach. Whether you’re a business owner or an individual marketer, the feature offers you the authority to know the approach pattern of the team. The secure call recording feature improves the quality of customer interaction and offers help in customer satisfaction.

Call Forwarding and Tracking

Generally, call tracking software involves using dynamic number insertion (DNI) for tracking internet marketing campaigns like social media posts, Local SEO, and PPC ads.

On the other hand, call forwarding features to increase the punctuality and availability of the business as it forwards the call to the right person to know that all calls are correctly answered.

Getting Qualified Leads

After using call transcribing and call recording features of the call tracking system, you should analyze the calls to know whether they’re from qualified leads. With this, you get the power to drive campaign changes, focus the ad spent on driving conversions and prioritize the following up with the best leads.

Rich Statistics and Analysis

With rich statistics, you get an enhanced and extraordinary understanding of the vital call tracking solution. Eye-catching statistics represent data more broadly. With the best call tracking software, you generate rich analytical reports to know the ROI and sales data in detail.

Reporting and Lead Attribution

A lead attribution report shows the marketing sources that drive qualified leads to business at specific sales funnel points. Knowing about the marketing funnel also brings the most significant return which is vital for the future efforts of marketing. With the lead attribution model, you get milestones based on the sales funnel portion.

Daily Status Reports

One of the simple ways to get daily work updates is with the fantastic daily status report feature. It automates reporting efforts after getting day-to-day reports through platforms such as email. Keeping the track of everything happening with the project needs time. It is easy to track the consistency of the team and the whole sales flow workflow, caused you can also generate various strategies.


With a successful call tracking system, you should have the above features for better performance and ease. As you see, we’ve discussed one of the best call tracking system features that are ideal for you and the team.

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Some Features of The Best Call Tracking Software for Businesses