Media monitoring permits tracking of different factors online and on broadcast media. So, online media monitoring- Is it useful at all?

Earlier, tracking of topics was a long procedure. Tracking was done manually through different links such as listening to TV broadcasts, radio, buying newspapers, and coverage for company or client or campaign. This made PR inaccurate and slow.

With the advent of online media monitoring, the process has become a lot more useful. It bought upon increased efficiency, processing information, automation, and monitoring. In Comms and PR, it becomes crucial to assess the campaign success, deal with negative publicity, and crisis fast. Through efficient online media monitoring, this can be handled a lot better.

Several companies are preferring online media monitoring digitally. This monitoring is done through Google alerts, searches, manual trawling digitally, dashboard alerts, media platforms, and media intelligence tools.

How is online media monitoring helpful?

The following factors make online media monitoring helpful:

  • Time efficient-For communication professionals, public relations, and other potential sections, media monitoring, saves energy and time. The time saved can be directed in other creative and crucial tasks of the company. It enhances your workday by avoiding lengthy manual procedures each day.
  • Automation-Time efficiency through automation can be done through online media monitoring. With advanced technology, media monitoring can be automated. This way, you are able to deliver the data fast with an in-built system for alerting permits you on media augmentation and monitoring efforts.
  • Offer action insights-Media monitoring online is not just media coverage alone but also look into insights and carrying out the respective actions. Insight is the focus as it offers a chance to develop your value and PR reasonably. This way, reporting becomes easier and fast.
  • Analysis- The tools of online media monitoring display the data in the form of graphs over a time duration. It demonstrates sentimental analysis, general coverage, and geographical display of coverage origins in maps.
  • Void of unnecessary data- An online media monitoring tool offers data insights and eliminates the recording of any unnecessary data.
  • Media intelligence aspects real-time- Real-time alerts are provided by online media monitoring. The time-lapse of media coverage doesn’t hold any value in the current world. The news should be prompt and upgraded. This way, you get in-moment data for marketing or get over a crisis right away or even before starting.
  • Cross-platform media monitoring- 60 percent of US individuals get their current news from different social media than earlier means such as TV or radio or print. So, media monitoring is not from a single source but as many media sources as possible. These media platforms are like online news, broadcast, blogs, and social media.
  • Source addition- A media monitoring online tool needs appropriate media sources. Look for other media sources than the regular ones.

Why do we need online media monitoring?

To make sure your brand gets long-term success by making its name in the market, tracking different aspects becomes essential. Change is constant and happens fast. Savvy online media monitoring can assist you in getting through a crisis and also competing with other leaders in the market.


So, yes, online media monitoring helps make your company flourish. It helps you manage brand reputation, tracks the different aspects, gets over the crisis, gives you coverage and insights. It assists in monitoring other leading competitors. It helps in crisis management.

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Online media monitoring – Is it useful at all?