As we all know there are millions of polo shirt patterns in the world. Out of which choosing the desired polo shirt is obviously a tedious task and in order to help you out we have designed a suitable buying guide and by having a look into this you will be able to have an idea about how to choose the right golf polo shirt.

Let’s have a look at the things to be reviewed in order to pick the right women’s golf skirtst of desired size.


Basically, polo shirt sizes are determined by the size of the chest. For measuring the size of the chest, you have to use tape measure. Measure the broadest part of your chest by placing one end of the tape in your armpit.

For getting the accurate measurement, you need to keep your back flat. Now you can look into the size chart online and pick suitable size and brand according to your preference.

Polo shirts are available in eight sizes starting from 32 to 50. If you are not accurate about your size then you can go for buying larger size shirts.


Most of us may not know what actually fit means and what kind of fit suits us. We would recommend you to go for classic fit rather than skater boy baggy and super tight.

Also, choosing 3 button collar designs is a wise choice since you can alter the fit around your neck region and overall it gives a professional and decent look.


As mentioned earlier, there are millions of shirt patterns in the world and its number is comparatively higher than humans. Its range varies from striped to hooped, plain to floral and so on.

For a perfect look, you can go for bright block colored shirt with different types of clothing. We would suggest you to go with three colors like red, blue and white since it blends well with all bottoms and accessories.


After reviewing we came to a conclusion that leather polo shirts may not give a better look because of sweats and chafe. In the market, polo shirts are made up of variety of materials but most of the shirts are made by using polyester or cotton.

Both cotton and polyester shirts have negatives and positives but the best thing about polyester material is that their moisture wicking capabilities. This property of polyester allows us to feel comfortable without feeling wet and sweaty.


There are varieties of products in the market and all these products will have different price tags. You need to have a look at performance, value and quality of the product. Quality of the product cannot be compromised at any cost.

Overall, there are trillions of polo shirts existing in the market and choosing the right golf skirts plays a major role in the game. Choosing the uncomfortable, quality less polo shirt will spoil your game for sure. For experiencing a better game, you need to have a look at the cost, quality and performance of the shirt. We can assure you that checking the above listed factors before picking the polo shirt will give you an awesome and perfect look!

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How to Pick the Women’s Golf Polo of Right Size