There are many reasons for which you need to monitor brand mention properly. Monitoring brand mentions helps you to attract peoples efficiently towards your brand and increase your brand’s followers. Moreover, it also helps to find out and prevent any reputation crisis of your brand. It provides an opportunity to observe the success rate of your marketing campaigns. You will need to increase the number of brand mentions to develop your brand authority conveniently.


But you should keep in mind that monitor brand mentions are a massive task to execute. We will explain some relevant processes of monitoring brand mentions from the web browser in this article. It would be best if you through the following article to get a clear concept about this brand mention monitoring.


  1. Try to monitor with your email inbox


It is one of the best methods to monitor brand mentions using your email box. Nothing can be better than using mail alerts in Gmail for the brand mention monitoring purpose. The convenient search feature of Gmail allows you to get email alerts of the monitoring process in time.


It would be better to create a different account in Gmail regarding this monitoring purpose. It will keep the inbox clean of our mail account. You can create individual email accounts freely to monitor each of the different brands you want to monitor.


Google Alerts is another free way to check the brand mention without any dispute. You can get the update of sources like news, videos, blogs, books according to the region of your monitoring brand in the alert.


  1. Brand mention monitoring with Twitter


You can to use Twitter for real-time tracking to keep your brand mention at the top position. You can attend any discussion related to your brand within a few seconds there. It is another key feature to avoid the reputation crisis of your company.


You can allow updates of your new followers, comments, and shares regarding your brand’s post, to monitor your brand value properly. But it would be best to create an individual column for mentions so that you can discuss your brand value with them immediately.


  1. Combine up your mentions as a media asset


You can consolidate your brand mentions individually. After that put them into one media asset to monitor them properly. You should place all the email records related to brand web mentions into a proper online asset in the section of customer’s inquiry and solution of asked questions. You can use brand mentions in the below-mentioned ways.


  • You can provide video slideshows about how your clients will get benefited from your brand.
  • Include questions that you face on social platforms about your brand advisory.
  • Provide video lessons by your user’s video.



  1. Make a dashboard


You can use dashboards along with Twitter and Gmail desktop alerts. It will help you to organize brand monitor social media mentions technically and achieve them properly. The dashboard also gives updates regarding your brand monitoring process to you all the time.


Similarly, you can create an individual dashboard for each brand you want to monitor, at its best-


  • Dashboard for Gmail emails.
  • Twitter search widget for brand mention monitoring updates in Twitter.
  • Quick to-do list widget.


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How to Monitor Brand Mention Appropriately?