Those who are interested in donating bone marrow should gather some information about it. This will give them confidence and proper knowledge about it. It is a surgical procedure which takes place in the hospital. The entire procedure is done in the operating room.

Hygiene of Operating Room Very Important

Before the surgical procedure of leukemia bone marrow takes place due care is taken to see that all the equipments are ready and clean. The room in properly cleaned, whether it is bed sheets, napkins or small instruments used in it. The floors should also be cleaned with proper disinfectant so that there are no germs. All the preparation should be done under the observation of the person who has been doing this work previously and has years of experience in it.

Brief About the Bone Marrow Donation

 It is done by a trained doctor and sometimes there are more doctors involved in it. If the junior doctor is doing it then the senior doctor will always accompany him and monitor him. It is under the proper observation of senior doctor that junior doctor will be allowed and permitted to do it. In this procedure the needles are used by the doctor to withdraw liquid marrow. It is basically withdrawn from the part of the body where blood forming cells are formed. It is withdrawn from back of pelvic bone and from both the sides.

You will not feel any pain during the entire procedure as you will be given anesthesia. After the procedure of donation is completed it is then transported properly to the patient’s place where t transplant takes place.

Recovery and Side Effects  

 There are no immediate side effects in this donation. But there can be some common side effects after two days of donation. The person who has donated might face back pain. The percentage of this side effect is 84%. Some people face fatigue problem and it is 61%. Throat pain is also experienced by many people and it is 32%. Muscle pain and Insomnia might be 24% and 15% respectively. Headache, dizziness, loss of appetite and nausea are also experienced by many.

The recovery time is almost three weeks to four weeks. However, this recovery time might vary based on many factors. If you as donor are aware about the side effects and recovery time then you will be prepared for this surgical procedure. It is a commitment that you are doing in order to save a precious life.

It is a myth that donating a bone marrow shortens your life. Instead, the cells are made within three to four weeks only. You will also not face any sort of discomfort while you are donating it. There is no restriction on the number of times you can donate it. Still it is always advisable to do under the instruction and guidance of a trained doctor. You should consider yourself lucky if you are a match for the person who needs it. Siblings are considered to be the perfect donor for each other. However, it is not necessary that bone marrow donor should be from your family.

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