The call tracking system is a reliable system meant for sorting and tracking information about the incoming phone calls. With this you know who is calling the business and which of the campaigns drive such calls. The Phone call tracking would be the process for attributing the phone calls to certain marketing channels like pay-per-call, SEO and various offline and online campaigns. Through the use of call tracking software, marketers would be able to know about the marketing campaigns that generate more ROI and also optimize such campaigns accordingly.

With call tracking system organizations are also able to gather the following Information:

  • The number through which you get a call
  • Geographical location of all inbound calls
  • The call source – which marketing campaign generates calls
  • Duration and time of such inbound calls
  • Calls received by the business

Problems Possible to Solve through Call Tracking System

The Caller tracking software also helps you in overcoming various marketing challenges. Here are a few marketing issues that can be solved through phone tracking systems:

  • Marketing channels that Drive Calls – Through relating unique phone numbers with marketing channels, you’ll identify the campaign generated through phone call.
  • What Keywords Drive Calls – With call tracking in keyword level you can know about the keywords that generate calls. It can also track the PPC visitors with keywords used for finding business online.
  • Identifying improvement areas – Call recording also offers insights and information into the call representatives through which you can find out opportunities and improvement areas. It helps you in improving product features, sales calls, customer services and a lot more.
  • Get Increased Marketing ROI – With Call tracking you can track performance of marketing campaigns while identifying the campaigns that perform fine and the ones that don’t. Also you can fix the marketing strategies for increasing ROI on marketing.

Call Tracking Methods

4 methods are there for call tracking. These are:

  • Call tracking – Neither it is web-based. Incoming phone call gets registered through using the conventional phone servers with certain tracking phone numbers.
  • Dynamic tracking – With this system websites can swap phone numbers for users who land on their websites. The unique session tracking and channel tracking are two most used dynamic call tracking methods.
  • Static phone number tracking – It also helps the marketers to assign a certain phone numbers for conventional and online marketing channels like the TV, billboards, newspaper, etc.
  • Call-back feature – This is an ideal online feature for providing customers convenience. Users provide their phone number on the website and request a callback. Then the callback gets arranged and is often automated through online mobile or callback applications.

How Call Tracking Works?

The call tracking system works through assigning the number 800 or a local number to business phone line, so that when ‘new’ number gets called, it gets forwarded to business line call.

The assigned number gets tied to the technology which has the ability of tracking:

  • Call details (time/date, duration)
  • Caller information (location, phone, name)
  • Call source (conventional ad/digital ad, SEO/PP, keyword)

In the beginning, a single tracking number got assigned to single marketing campaign like:

  • Magazine/Newspaper ads
  • Billboard ads
  • TV/Radio ads
  • Landing pages of the website

The ROI gets measured through attributing calls to a sale or a campaign lead. However, times have changed nowadays. Call tracking is good for businesses that wish to get higher sales, call volume and revenue. They’ve got various features for not only getting improved customer interactions but they also bear a major impact on the ROI of a business.

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