If you have been accused in Sugar Land, Texas for criminal charges then a criminal conviction can be a costly affair for you unless you have an experienced Sugar Land criminal lawyer to support you and defend you in the court of law.

Arrested or charged in Texas

You need to hire a qualified and experienced criminal lawyer in Sugar Land, Texas if you have been charged or arrested for a crime. A good criminal lawyer can convert a serious time in jail into the dismissal of the case whether you have been charged for a misdemeanor or a felony. So if you are charged with a crime in Sugar Land then it is essential to hire a good Sugar Land criminal lawyer as the state of law and order is very good in Texas.

Charged for DWI in Texas

For people convicted for DWI or driving while intoxicated, high penalties and harsh punishments have been sanctioned in the state of Texas. An experienced criminal lawyer can defend his clients with DWI charges based on his knowledge and experience. So you should immediately contact an experienced Sugar Land criminal lawyer if you have been charged in Sugar Land, Texas for DUI or DWI. He can provide you the best defense against these charges and can try to protect your privileges for driving in this state as much as possible.

Felonies handled by a Criminal lawyer in Sugar Land

In Texas, there are five categories of felony including Capital felony, Class I felony, Class II felony, Class III felony, and felonies in state jail. The severity of the case can help in determining its category of a felony.

Capital felony: The crimes in this category are very severe. The accused can be punished for life imprisonment or death. Murder is the most common felony in this category.

Class I felony: The person accused of a felony of this category can be punished at least for five years which can increase up to life in prison but not over 99 years.  A fine of nearly $10,000 can also be imposed on the accused along with tough imprisonment. The most common felony in this class is a sexual attack against a child.

Class II felony: The accused of this felony can be punished for the imprisonment of a minimum of 2 years to not over 20 years along with a fine of approximately $10,000. Severe injury to a family member is the most common felony in this category.

Class III felony: A person accused in this category can be punished for not less than 2 years and more than 10 years along with a fine of $10,000 maximum. Possessing 50 pounds or more marijuana can be the most common felony in this category.

State jail felony: An accused can be punished in this category for imprisonment for minimum of 6 months to maximum of 2 years. This felony is used when the crime committed by the accused does not fall in other categories, deadly weapons are used or you already have charges for stealing livestock felony.

Thus, a Sugar Land criminal lawyer can help in changing the direction of your criminal case.

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