Our bone marrow has a very important and vital role to play as far as our blood is concerned. For many people, bone marrow replacement becomes a necessity because theirs might have been destroyed by infection, disease, or chemotherapy. The procedure is about transplanting healthy blood stem cells. Once it is done properly the blood stem cells move to the bone marrow. There they produce new blood cells and this, in turn, helps to promote the growth of new marrow. It also leads to increased production of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, all of which are produced in the leukemia bone marrow transplant. For ordinary persons, bone marrow looks like a fatty and spongy tissue that resides in the hollow of our bones. When a person has a problem or a disease, RBC, WBC and platelet production get impacted.

What Is Bone Marrow Transplant?

This is a medical procedure that is done to replace damaged or infected bone marrow. The bone marrow may have been damaged by infection, disease, chemotherapy and other causes. In many cases, the bone marrow may have been destroyed and there may be no other option but to completely replace it.

This has to be done carefully with the help of a medical procedure. The procedure is quite complicated and involves the transplanting of the blood stem cells. This has to be done carefully and once it is done, the stem cell transplant match travel to the bone marrow. Once they have reached their homes, they start producing new blood cells and this may help in the production and growth of healthy red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. This could help to fight infections, and also help the body to recover from various illnesses caused by a lack of blood in the body.

Who Can Donate

Healthy stem cells are obtained from a donor and in many cases, it also can come from the body of the person who has problems in his or her bone marrow. The stem cells are usually harvested before radiation or chemotherapy treatment is started. The healthy cells are also stored and used at a later date for transplantation.

Complications Associated With It

While bone marrow transplant has a lot of benefits there are also some benefits that one should be aware of. We are listing down a few of them.

  •        Headache.
  •        Nausea.
  •        Blood pressure drop.
  •        Pain
  •        Shortness of breath
  •        Fever and chills

However, in most cases the symptoms are short-lived but in some cases, there could be complications. Several factors could determine the risk factors including the overall health of the patient, age, the diseases for which he or she is being treated, the type of transplant that has been received by the patient and so one.


This is a serious complication that could impact those who go in for bone marrow transplantation. Known as GVHD or Graft Versus Host Disease, this is a condition, where the donor cells start attacks the body. This could lead to bleeding in the brain, lungs and other parts of the body. It could also lead to cataracts.


To sum up, the benefits of bone marrow transplant in most cases outweigh the risk. However, the risks should be evaluated before going in for it and your hematologist knows it the best.

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Benefits And Risks Associated With Bone Marrow Transplant