Endotoxin is an aggregate of acidic LPS- lipopolysaccharides. It comprises a core of fatty acid groups that are hydrophobic. They have composed of outermost and central hydrophilic polysaccharides. Endotoxin removal is a very difficult process downstream through protein purification. An endotoxin filter plays a major role in the removal of these endotoxins. Endotoxin is removed from neutral sugars, biological solutions, and water buffer.

Where are endotoxins found?

Endotoxins are found everywhere in the environment. It is a pyrogen in medical devices and parenteral drugs. These are also found in the digestive system. When found in the bloodstream, it can result in septic reactions.

Need for endotoxin filter

Endotoxins can be bad for your health as they result in clinical findings, narrow airway inflammation, and manifested by subjective. The impacts are worse amongst those who have airway inflammation already. The endotoxins induced by infection, tobacco smoke, and chemical agents are worst of all.

Harmful effects of endotoxins

  • They can result in symptoms such as nausea, fever, shock, hypotension, and shivering.
  • High endotoxins concentrations can result in severe complications like DIC- disseminated intravascular coagulation, ARDS- adult respiratory distress syndrome, and endotoxin shock.
  • Endotoxins are considered to activate the kinin system, platelets, endothelial cells, and leukocytes.
  • They are an enemy to Vivo and Vitro blood study material interaction. In vitro, the contaminant impacts and compromise the results.

Does Endotoxin filter out?

Endotoxin is consistently shedding from the external membrane of viable gram-negative bacteria. This is released when the bacterial cell ceases. Bacteria can be eliminated by making use of a 0.2-micrometer sterilizing filter. However, LPS is tough to eliminate as it is pH stable and very hot.

What causes endotoxin contamination?

Endotoxin, as mentioned, is shed from the external membrane of gram-negative bacteria when it dies. Since LPS is tough to eliminate as it is pH stable and in extreme heat. The pyrogenic threshold is 1 EU/kg of body weight. The endotoxin amount can originate from 105 bacterial cells.

Process of Endotoxin elimination

Endotoxin removal is a tough downstream process in protein purification. Total endotoxin removal is attained with huge substrate loss. Since endotoxin is charged negatively at pH over 2, a membrane surface that is positively charged can eliminate endotoxin.

The common depyrogenation procedures include elimination and incineration by washing called dilution. Other procedures like irradiation, ethylene oxide, and filtration treatment have limited effects in minimizing endotoxin levels.

As per FDA regulations, the endotoxin levels that are in an acceptable range with any medical device is 0.5 units/ml. Endotoxin contamination is seen in the use of the cardiovascular device. Endotoxins mostly originate from the gut area instead of materials which are considered to be a surgical procedure reaction. Endotoxin contamination during Hemodialysis with the dialysate as a source. The endotoxin source since deionizing columns and distillation does not eliminate endotoxin. It has effects on platelets and its concentrations activate lower than 0.01 ng/ml.


Endotoxin filter removes endotoxin contamination. Cell product contamination control with endotoxins is essential to avoid the dangers involved in getting into the blood resulting in fever and side effects such as death and septic shock. Using filters for eliminating them is limited. The permitted level of endotoxins in a medical device is 0.5 units.

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