Ever wondered what people talk about your business behind your back? If you ever overhear two or more people talking about your business, what would you do? Would you note their talk in your mind and learn from it, or would you approach them and respond to their comments? Either way, listening to people’s opinions on your business is always beneficial. Using various listening and responding techniques, you can bring in a lot of profits. However, as you may have guessed already, you can’t always expect to be lucky enough to overhear people talk about your business in public. Yet, there is still a way to listen to people talk about your business through social media. Social media is widely accessible and popular in todays world. You can find information about almost anything and everything on social media platforms. It is also one of the fastest ways to spread news on the internet.

What is social listening?

Social listening is the process of tracking the mentions of your brand all through social media platforms, analyzing them, and allowing you to respond to them. Social media monitoring and social listening may seem similar in their tasks, however they are different in their concepts. Social media monitoring tracks your brand mentions for various purposes such as managing and analyzing public relations, and brand reputation management, while social listening solely focuses on gaining an insight to people’s views on your brand and responding to them. Your response can either be direct by replying to their comments publicly, or you could respond to them by taking their comments into consideration and developing on it. Social listening tool is the software that carries out the job of tracking your brand mentions and helping you respond to them.

What are social listening platforms?

Social listening platforms are media platforms that are widely used by people for sharing their opinions about different brands on their posts or comments. These platforms are easily accessible to the public and brand mentions can be tracked easily. Maintaining a social media account for your brand on these platforms are necessary to respond to the public’s opinions on your products. Some of the very popular social listening platforms are, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can track your brand mentions by using social listening tools, analyse the content, and respond to them.

Is social listening productive?

Social media listening is definitely productive if you own a company. You can listen to people’s opinions on your products, both positive and negative. Listening to critical reviews on your products can give you an opportunity to develop on them. If there is a mass critical review on any of your products, the amount of times your brand name is mentioned increases, and you will be alerted by your social listening tool which will help you respond quickly and manage the crisis. Social listening also helps in understanding the demands of the public, so you can work and develop on them. It also gives you an opportunity to learn your competitors and work on your strategies. You can also find out popular social media influencers and collaborate with them to market your product.

In conclusion, social listening can of benefit to your business in many ways. Setting up a social listening project is also quite simple and all you need to do is choose your social media listening tool and input the keywords that you want to be searched, monitored, and analysed.


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