Water is one of the most important objects for each one of us and therefore there cannot be any compromise on the quality of water that we drink and use for cooking and other purposes. With the quality of water deteriorating quite a bit over the past many years, there is a need to ensure that all our family members get to use only the best quality of filtered water every time they open their faucets. You cannot afford to have a home without a quality water filter. With so many choices available, it is possible that you could end up making the wrong choice. In most homes, it is common to see water filters being installed in the kitchen. This is because we would like drinking water and cooking water to be pure and free from harmful chemicals, minerals, microorganisms, and bacteria. However, there also is a growing demand for point of entry filtration systems. These are also referred to as whole-house water filters. We need to know more about it and therefore are sharing the pros and cons of point of entry water filtration systems.

What Are They

As the name suggests, the point of entry water filter is installed at the main point from where water supply to the entire home or apartments gets in. Hence, you will have filtered water throughout the home including kitchen, toilets, bathrooms and other places. This is a big improvement of individual water filtration systems that are installed only in the kitchen.

Pros of Point of Entry Filtration Systems

Convenience – Convenience is perhaps the biggest advantage as far as this type of filtration system is concerned. The water gets fully treated and filtered as soon as the water enters your home. Therefore, you and your family members will have access to purified water for all their consumption needs. it could be for quenching your thirst, for washing clothes or even for taking a shower. You will be using the water knowing well that the water is free from contaminants that are prevalent in the water supply of the municipality or the groundwater.

Complexity – Point of use filter systems are complex and more efficient and complete. They come with multi-stage filters and they carry with them the power of many different filtration methods. This plays a big role in eliminating a large number of contaminants that perhaps small home filters may not be able to do. They also can treat the higher amount of water output when compared to smaller filters for individual homes.

Cost efficiency – if you wish to have the entire home covered with filtered water, you may have to go in for individual filters for every source of water. This will certainly push costs up quite a bit. However, when you install a single large-sized water filtration system at the point of entry, it will prove to be more cost-effective.


  • Fine-tuning based on individual needs is not possible.
  • You require quite a bit of plumbing work to install such systems covering your entire home.
  • It could also cost more in many cases and increase maintenance costs.

The Final Word

To conclude, though there are quite a few benefits associated with the point of entry water filters, you must make a choice based on specific needs and requirements.

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Advantages of Point of Entry Filtration System