Difference Between Granite And Marble

When it comes to classy, sophisticated and colorful flooring choices, both granite and marble have been the choice of millions across the world. Both these flooring materials are in huge demand and are sought after as surfacing materials for floors and also for countertops and also in bathrooms. However, if you are from Phoenix and are planning to decide between marble and granite, you must take a decision based on knowledge and information rather than being driven by opinion and hearsays alone. Hence, in this article, we will try and list down the attributes of granite and marble in Phoenix. You need to understand that both of them are different and therefore it is quite obvious that they will have different attributes. Hence, we are happy to share some basic information that will try and explain the basic differences between these two flooring choices. It will surely help the readers to make the right choice based on knowledge instead of being taken in by sales talk and other half-truths.

The Surface

Marble has a veining appearance and on the other hand, granite has a granular and fleck-like appearance. However, this is a general difference and it would be wrong to consider this as a rule. The surface finish would depend on various factors and we need to understand that both marble and granite are natural stones. These stones fall under two general categories. Siliceous stones mainly have silica and they are quartz in Phoenix. They are extremely durable and also quite easy to clean. Granite, sandstone, and slate fall under this category.

Calcareous stones are made mostly from calcium carbonate. They are sensitive to acids and react to common cleaning products like vinegar and even citrus fruits, tomatoes, wine and so on. The cleaning process, therefore, has to be different when compared to siliceous stone. Examples of these types of stones include limestone, onyx, and travertine and of course marble.

Which To Choose

Now that we have a basic idea, the question now arises as to which stone to choose. Both these stones are quarried from the earth and are natural. But as mentioned above they have different properties. Porosity is one of the major differences between marble and granite. Marble is softer and therefore more porous when compared to granite. However, there are a few types of marbles that are not so very porous. Granite, on the other hand, has a crystalline structure and therefore it is comparatively more resistant to abrasion, discoloration, staining and so on. According to experts, granite is considered to be one of the strongest when compared to all other natural stones.

They Have Some Common Attributes

We also should bear in mind that both granite and marble are heavy, hard, and are relatively scorch and heat proof. They also come in a wide array of patterns, colors, and designs. They are both created by nature and therefore there can be huge differences in patterns and colors. Hence, it may not be right to totally depend on a display sample and then place the order. You must have a physical look at both marble and granite stones and then make a buying decision.

In fine, both granite and marble are suitable for countertops, wall coverings, backsplashes, floor coverings and much more. They are both unique stones and are expensive and could mean a big spend as far as your pocket is concerned.


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The Importance Of Construction Defect Expert

Buying a home is certainly a big job and it is a dream that comes true for millions of ordinary people. For most of them, buying a new home is a one-time experience and therefore they would like to ensure that they buy the best. However, it is quite obvious that most buyers of home are novices when it comes to analyzing the technicalities and other such important bits of information. Hence, they would have to take the help of professionals. The role of a good construction defect expert certainly becomes highly important and vital. Let us there try and get to know more about them and the kind of services that they provide.

 They Ensure Safety Of The Construction

 There is no doubt that the safety and strength of the construction are of paramount importance, to say the least. When you hire the right construction defect experts, you are hiring somebody with the right kind of education, training, and experience. These architects are capable of addressing any matter related to the damage that the construction or the site may have suffered. Further, they also will be in a position to file the right construction defect claim and they also can come in handy whenever there is a professional liability dispute.

 Filing Of Construction Claims

 There is no doubt that filing construction claim involves quite a bit of investigation and there are a number of angles to it. It would be just impossible for the buyers to have an understanding even of a few of them. Hence, whenever there is a need to file a claim, there is hardly any doubt that the role of these professionals becomes extremely important and vital. You need to, therefore, hire the right professionals who have a team that can handle the needs of the customers. The team should be tailor-made to handle routine investigations and also should contain specialists who can handle tough and difficult investigations that would require a customized approach.


When you hire the right Construction expert professionals, they will be able to analyze the various construction documents thoroughly and diligently. They also will be in a position to evaluate the performance of the various stakeholders who are involved in the constructions.  This will go a long way to allow these professionals to accurately identify the nature of the damage, quantification of the damage and also assist in resolving the various disputes in a cost effective and timely manner.

They Focus Very Seriously On Safety

There is no doubt that when the construction of a home or apartment building is taking place, there is always an element of risk out there. The solution lies in being in a position to control and predict the possible hazards before they occur and take the required preventive measures. In spite of the best precautions, accidents could occur. They could lead to death or injury. In such situations, the role of these professionals does become quite important. They will be able to ensure that a proper investigation takes place and the exact reason for the incident is identified. It could help the prevention of such accidents and identify and fix responsibilities because that is also equally important.

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Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very beneficial especially for the owners of small businesses as it can help in creating a user-friendly, fast and strong website with a higher ranking on search engine result pages. It can also help in increasing their conversion rates by bringing prospective customers to their site. It can also help in building awareness for their brand so that the users of search engines can trust that site due to its existence of the first search engine result pages as compared to other brands.

The benefits a small business can get from SEO are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.

 Easy-to-use website

The owners of a small business can get a smoothly running, easy-to-use and fast website with the help of proper SEO marketing. Earlier it was supposed that SEO professionals optimize a website for the sake of search engines but today they are also working for improving the experience of the users of that website. A website can compel the visitors to stay on it for a long time and increase its views as well as decrease bounce rate if it is a clean, uncluttered and well-structured website. Your visitors will be happy to read the content of your website if it is relevant and satisfies their queries.

Increase the number of probable customers

A well-optimized website can increase the number of your customers if it can stand out from your competitors. It can double the number of your customers as soon as possible if the website is SEO optimized properly. At present, SEO is the most affordable and efficient strategy for online marketing a business. People searching for your products and services can visit your site if you spend a small amount of money on SEO of your website.

Improve the rate of conversion

An SEO optimized website can also improve the conversion rate of your website as it will keep the visitors engaged by loading fast and ease of surfing and reading it through all types of devices including PC, tablets and mobile phones, etc. Your website can grab the attention of the visitors if it is easy to navigate. Soon they may subscribe with you, return repeatedly and become a loyal customer for your business.

Build awareness for your brand

Another main benefit of SEO for a business website is that it is improving its ranking on SERPs as well as build awareness for your brand. Your prospective customers will trust your website when they will see your website on the first page of SERPs as compared to other brands, regardless of which search engine they are using.

Avoid competition

The owners of a well-optimized website will do better than the owners of a non-optimized site even if they are in the same industry and selling similar products and services at the same price. The main reason behind this difference is that a well-optimized website will attract more visitors than the non-optimized website. It will make all round difference in the sales due to the difference in their conversion rates.

Thus, SEO is a very powerful tool for the growth of a business, regardless of its size.

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How Call Track Software Could Help Businesses

In a competitive business environment, it is important for business houses to come out with smart and successful marketing campaigns so that they stay above the competition at all points of time. This is all the more true for small business houses because they cannot afford the muscular spending on advertisements and other such promotional activities. Their main objective and focus should be to focus on increasing its customer base while retaining the existing ones. But we all know that small businesses will not be in a position to squander their resources on a marketing campaign that is uncertain as far as results are concerned. Hence, they need to tread with caution and measure their promotional activities and campaigns in such a way that they are sure that it is working. It is quite likely that many companies receive leads over the phone and this becomes quite big when running a campaign. However, they need to find out which campaign is working best for them. This is where one could make use of call track software. We are happy to share below some of the main advantages of these software systems, especially for small business houses.

They Can Move Into New Areas

Small business can operate only in local and focused areas for a certain period of time. Beyond that, they should move to new areas and this is where call tracking software could come in very handy. They could help you to look beyond your neighborhood and move to neighboring areas and places where there could be big potential. When you use the right call tracking systems, you will be in a position to find out more about the potential in various untapped areas and put all your marketing efforts to be successful in those territories.

Your Marketing Campaign Spends Will Be Better

Call tracking is a time-tested option that permits small business enterprises to identify and put into practice some of the most successful marketing campaigns. They can avoid wasteful expenditure and this will save them money, time and effort. These call track software solutions will ensure that the companies focus their marketing activities in the right direction. This will ensure a better return on investment for them.

Make The Best Of Peak Call Hours

When you have a best call tracking software, you will be in a position to record exactly at the time of your choice. This indeed is a great boon especially when you receive inbound calls during peak hours. The software will be able to help you with the right kind of incoming calls and the software will also be able to build a right date base around it. The same can be used to filer prospective leads and call them back again and explain the product and services in greater detail.

Improve Your Customer Services

With the right software, you can record all the inbound calls especially when the sale has been made and when customers are calling with their experiences and feedbacks. You can use the call tracking software to analyze the kind of complaints and make changes to service standards and approaches wherever needed.

Hence, there is no doubt that there are many advantages and benefits surrounding these call track software solutions.

Why The GDPR Compliance Require

There is no doubt that when it comes to adhering to the best of cyber security protocols and practices, the role of GDPR is extremely important, to say the least. It applies to each and every country of the European Union. However, the various countries of the union have the ability to make small changes based on their specific needs and requirements. However, this has to be done without diluting the main objectives and policies under which GDPR has been built in the first place. The basic objective of this Regulatory mechanism is to ensure that the customers and other stakeholders who use the payment gateway of the online merchants feel that their information is safe, secure and protected from cyber threats. This regulatory mechanism came into place after taking into account the various requirements and needs of customers. There have been many instances of cyber thefts and attacks on personal information and monies from banks have been swindled because of insecure ways of movement of information from one place to another while online purchases are being made. Hence, this piece of the act is aimed to protect the sensitive financial and other personal information of customers.

How Will It Impact My Company

The basic question that comes to our mind is whether it will impact companies, big and small, old and startups.  The answer is yes, it will. Companies that are controlling or processing of personal data vaulting will have to be covered by GDPR. If you are following some other rule prevalent in your European country, the same will become null and void and you will now be governed by GDPR. It should also be kept in mind that both personal and sensitive types of information will be covered by GDPR. Personal information is classified as those types of information that would be needed to identify a person. It could be the name, IP address, address and other such details. Sensitive information pertains to data that is genetic in nature. This could include information with regard to political and religious views, sexual orientation and other such things.

What Is Different From Previous Regulations?

When we talk about GDPR there is around 99 article which talks about the rights of various individuals and also lists down the various obligations placed on organizations who serve the customers at various levels and at various times. It would be pertinent to mention that there are eight rights for individuals and these cover their right to have easier and unhindered access to the data that companies hold on their behalf. Further, there are also new fines and penalties related information which makes it mandatory for the organization to obtain the written consent of the customers whose data they are using. Refusal to do so could also lead to cancellation of the GDPR license and facility that has been allowed to them.

It Applies To Startups In Particular

It would be pertinent to mention that when it comes to startups their responsibility is even more. This is because they do not have the right data protection regimen in place. The onus lies on them to ensure that they adhere to GDPR rules forthwith.

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Qualities Of Good SEO Professionals

There is no doubt that hiring the right search engine optimization professionals is no longer a choice but a must for online businesses. With increased competition, quality traffic, followed by conversions and sales are the main things that could separate a successful business from a not-so-successful one. Hence, whether you are a startup or an experience business house, you must spend the time to identify the right SEO professionals. Hence, if you want to be good at internet marketing, you have to do your research and hire quality search engine optimization professionals. However, the market out there is very crowded and you could, as an online business house, come across dozens of SEO professionals. This makes the job of choosing the right service provider quite tough. We are happy to lay down some ground rules and attributes that separate a good SEO from a not-so-good one.

They Must Be Specialized

Good SEO houses understand that SEO is just a subset of the entire world of Search Engine Marketing. Within SEO, there are many areas of specialization. Hence if you want to be an expert in SEO, you must be in the know about the various areas of specialization in SEO. They must be specialized in search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media marketing and other such forms of online advertising. This will ensure better results as far as the end customers are concerned.

Importance Of Practical Knowledge

While having theoretical knowledge as an SEO professional is a must, this alone will not take you much far. So, whether you are a customer or an SEO marketer, you must be sure that your club theory with practice. You must be in a position to create a website that is SEO friendly. You must also be in a position to make changes and modifications to the existing website so that it becomes more SEO optimized and is able to get the best results in terms of traffic and inquiries.

Clear Understanding Of The Three SEO Levels

When we talk about quality SEO there are three levels to it and they are technical, on-page optimization and off-page optimization. Technical issues cater to the structure of the site and look at ways by which search engines can crawl and list the content in search results. On a page, optimization is about the use of various elements such as HTML tags and keywords with the objective of increasing traffic. Finally, Off-page optimization is about mastering the various techniques pertaining to link building and much more.

Experience And Certification

You must always look for SEO Company who carry with them years of experience. While certification is important, experience has a very big role to play here. Experienced SEO professionals will be able to analyze things from the customers’ perspective. They will be able to come out with customized and specific solutions taking intso account the unique and versatile needs of the clients. They also will give idea and inputs on website design, the ease of moving from one page to another and so on.


In fine, there is no doubt that becoming a good SEO takes years of hard work and it is a continuous and unending learning process.


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How To Choose The Right Assisted Living

Many elderly people in the country, assisted living is fast becoming an increasingly useful and popular alternative when compared to staying in their homes. It allows the elders to live in a comfortable home and also get some of the best services that one needs. These could be related to daily habits such as bathing and dressing amongst other things. These assisted living homes do not come with the institutionalized setting that often forms the part of any nursing home. It is as good as staying in the home with the best of facilities, services and assistance being available at all points of time. While this indeed is good news, we need to take some time out and find out the right assisted living facilities. With so many options being available, today, the task is not easy. We are listing down a few important points that one should bear in mind before availing the services of these professional service providers.

What Kind Of Help Do They Offer

You must be sure as the family member or the elderly person that the living facility offers the kind of help and retirement facility that is needed from them. Before going in for such an assisted living facility it would be better to have oneself examined by a physician so that they are able to get a clear idea about the kind of services that they might require. It certainly requires quite a bit of planning and only then would you be able to come out with the best of solutions.

Be Sure About The Quality Of Care

You should personally visit the assisted living facility and inspect the records. This will help you to find out the actual facts and be sure that there are no areas of concern. You also could get in touch with the local ombudsman regarding the complaint record and be sure that the assisted living facilities are in line with the regulations and rules of the land. This is extremely important before you actually part with your valuable money or put your beloved elderly person in such facilities.

Cost Is A Factor

Since the assisted living facility is long drawn the expenses are also long term. Hence, you must be sure that you are in a position to afford the same long term. Further, you must closely examine the kind of services being offered and be sure that everything is transparent and there is nothing hidden under the table or dusted under the carpet.

Can They Age And Be In Peace?

Elderly people have health needs that keep on changing with every passing year. Hence, before choosing an assisted living program you must be sure that the persons will be able to age gracefully and would be in a position to stay in the place for a long period of time. The assisted living facility should provide the right kind of atmosphere and also the medical facility and other such emergency facilities because these might be required as the health situation demands with age.


While there is no denying the fact that there are quite a few advantages and benefits associated with assisted living facilities, you must do your research and choose the right facility.

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How To Hire The Right Locksmith For Home Security

There is no doubt that when we talk about home security, it starts from the front door and it is all about having the right locking and keying system. We, therefore, must not hesitate in investing money on quality locking systems that are reliable, convenient, and easy to use and also in line with changing technologies. These locking systems are known for their reliability and therefore you may not find too much of a problem making use of them. But, there could be situations where it might become necessary for you to hire the service of a good OKC locksmith because of various problems. It could be emergency situations because of misplaced keys or improperly working locking systems. You also might be ready to have a new look at the locking and keying systems and may like to make changes as and when necessary. However, the secret lies in identifying the right locksmith whether it is for regular or emergency services. The locksmith market is quite competitive and there are many players in the market today. In such situations, you must know ways and means by which you can identify the right locksmith. We are sharing some useful and pertinent information for the benefit of our readers and other stakeholders.

 Do Not Compromise On Quality

 You must always look for locksmiths who are the best in the business as far as your town is concerned. You should make use of the internet, and also local directories and try and identify the best of talents. You should have a close look at the kind of services they offer. Based on this you could classify them and then shortlist a few. You also must make sure that the locksmiths have the right certificate and other credentials that are expected of them. This will ensure that you get the best possible services from them at all point of time.

Check Their Rates And Service Cost

Once you have shortlisted the locksmiths in your locality, you must contact them as soon as possible. You should spend some time getting to know more about their service charges. You should not spare any efforts in choosing the right service providers keeping in mind your exact needs and requirements. You must have a clear idea about the costs and rates that they charge. They would most probably charge on a per-visit basis and if there are any replacements that need to be made, the same will be charged extra.

Look At Their Credentials

As you look for the right Auto locksmith professionals OKC, you will find them in various hues and shades. Each one of them will most certainly claim that he or she is the best.  It would not be ideal to take their claims on face value. You will have to go through the due diligence process and be sure that you have checked on their credentials properly. You must find more about their experience, track record, customer satisfaction levels, safety and reliability amongst other such things.

Therefore, at the end of the day, hiring a good locksmith does take time and effort and you should not try and short-circuit the process and end up choosing the wrong professionals.

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Militarizing School Safety ≠ Safe Schools

Organized youth are rising up. Trans and queer youth are rising up. Tomorrow, they march as they have many times before.  The #NationalSchoolWalkout is about young people fearlessly speaking out about what school safety really looks like. We are listening and we stand with them in solidarity.

News Article

New trans youth storytelling platform will connect voices and experiences across the U.S.

(Oakland, CA) – Today, TRUTH, a youth-led program housed at Transgender Law Center and GSA Network, launched a new website to build trans youth power through online organizing and storytelling. The website features an interactive storytelling guide and advice from other young people who have been thrust into the spotlight; a gallery of stories that youth visiting the site can contribute to; resources created by and for trans youth; and support for allies and families of trans youth.

Press Release