New trans youth storytelling platform will connect voices and experiences across the U.S.

(Oakland, CA) – Today, TRUTH, a youth-led program housed at Transgender Law Center and GSA Network, launched a new website to build trans youth power through online organizing and storytelling. The website features an interactive storytelling guide and advice from other young people who have been thrust into the spotlight; a gallery of stories that youth visiting the site can contribute to; resources created by and for trans youth; and support for allies and families of trans youth.

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Gay Friendly Doctors in North Carolina

Seeking LGBT Friendly Medical Practitioners In North Carolina

gay coupleMe and my partner moved to North Carolina after Christmas eve and have been settling into a cozy neighborhood in Huntersville. Our neighbors know about our lifestyle and so far there has been no judgement. We have frequented a few LGBT Bars in North Carolina and have met some regulars that have given us insider tips to living as a gay couple in North Carolina. Apparently one thing they struggle with is finding competent medical attention from Doctors that are not judgemental of the lfe style. We moved from New York and the Doctors there have seen everything you can imagine, every freak on the street has walked into a clinic at some point looking for medical treatment. The LGBT community in New York is extreme and many medical practitioners refuse treatment out of fear of sexually transmitted diseases. When we moves to North Carolina we were looking to escape the chaos of the big city and find a gay friendly community that welcomed us as individuals regardless of our sexual preference. After living here for a few weeks I am pleased for the most part how the locals have treated us and am looking forward to living here for some time. I am still looking for a Chiropractic Doctor in North Carolina that is open to treating people in the LGBT community. There is a list of preferred medical practitioners in Huntersville that have been recommended by various blogs, however I have yet to visit any of them during the short amount of time I have been here. If there are any forums that exist that cover topics such as LGBT friendly restaurants, medical practitioners, and recreational facilities, please leave links to the sites in the comments section of this post for our users to discover. Any other locally owned LGBT businesses that we need to know about would be appreciated. Either put them into the comments section or email us the information using the contact email provided.

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Pediatric Dentist In Oklahoma City

Same-Sex Couples With Kids Find Comfort In Oklahoma Dentist

kids dentist in oklahoma cityGay and lesbian couples in Oklahoma have been raving about the quality treatment they have received from a pediatric dentist in OKC. Reflections dental has welcomed many members of the LGBT community in with open arms and has provided non-discriminatory pediatric dentistry to their adopted children. It’s difficult in some communities to find professional service providers that don’t discriminate when two men walk in the door with their child and need pediatric attention. We have heard feedback from members of our community about the warm welcome they have received from the staff at Reflections Dental, and the quality of treatment they have received has been a reflection of the amazing people working there. It is our belief that doctors and Reflections are THE BEST pediatric dentist OKC has to offer!

Adopted children that have been parented by gay and lesbian couples have enough troubles in school and dealing with the feedback they receive from their peers, it’s refreshing to see true professionals embrace these children regardless of their parent’s sex. There have been many stories that have surfaced through our Sneerzine blog over the years about certain professional practitioners rejecting patients due to the parental arrangement. This, of course, is saddening for everyone involved and should not be tolerated. That being said, it is times like these that make us want to blog about great people, doing great things, in great communities. When professionals do their job and are not concerned about the personal lives of their patient’s everyone wins. This of course doe does not apply to child protective services or any other professional service that is tasked with monitoring the well being of a child, adopted or not.

We are excited to also make mention of other professional services outside of Oklahoma that have embraced our often discriminated communities. There is a story of an audiologist in Seattle, Washington that took in a same-sex couple that had been denied service to their 3-year-old child because of the doctor’s extreme Christian stance on homosexuality. This was a heartwarming story for members of the LGBT community that was shocked by the practitioner’s actions and discriminatory remarks. Hundreds of people gathered in protest in downtown Seattle to push back against the opposing views of people in positions of power. An audiologist should not be concerned about the marriage of two men as much as he should have been concerned about the hearing loss of the 3-year-old boy. It just goes to show har far we have come within our communities, yet how far we have to go to get to a place where we as humans are excepted for who we are, not by our relationships with other adults.

How to Quit Drinking and Driving – DUI Arrests Not Enough

The Easy answer would be not to drink and drive, also for easy people that’s fine. However, having worked with men convicted of drinking and driving offenses for more than 20 decades, I understand the answer isn’t so straightforward. The real answer is much more complex because Alcohol is woven into the cloth our society and culture. It’s a social issue as far because it’s a private one. This can’t only be accurate, but painfully so to the sufferers of this drunk driver. But if you take into account the fact that just 10 percent of drunken driving charges are felonies (between injuries) which renders 1,260,000 misdemeanor DUI arrests each year from the U.S.

The question again begs to get a very simple response because if we can determine the issue driver then we can ‘profile’ him and stop him from causing the issues connected with drinking and driving. There’s not any typical drunk driver. However from my experience criminals are normally ‘ordinary’ individuals, hard working, practical and no different in the majority of us. Approximately 70 percent of adults consume alcohol and nearly all of those who consume, drink and induce… lawfully or not.

If we’re going to evaluate how we could moderate the level to which individuals consume alcohol (and other drugs) and also supply alternatives that have a number of the very same advantages. As long as history could document the actions of societies and cultures alcohol has decreased stress and given a feeling of well being to individuals around the globe. But now we are living in a time that’s exceptional in the history of the world. Time is speeding up so quickly the term ‘relax’ is just used as a target for the weekend. He discussed how idleness was believed the job of the devil. Comfort or the capability to maintain ease is a missing element to what formerly was an important part of our own lives. In the times of sooner America it had been against social laws to conduct companies on Sundays; idle days were the legislation!

Nowadays people use compounds for a number of solutions. Just take an aspirin, have a pill, have a medication and you can (and certainly will) feel much better. It is not the attribute of commercial and business pursuits; it is the duty along with the irresponsibility of each one of us: drunk drivers, drinking drivers and regular motorists (drowsy ones, mobile phone using ones, distracted drivers, active drivers) who place us in the state we’re confronting now.

According to criminal defense attorney in Fort Bend however, the drivers will need to comprehend their behavior and take accountability for their own activities. The principle of dependence and recovery is the principle of change itself. The principle of retrieval states that you will not change till you’re prepared. It follows you have to wish to change because you need something more than that which you’re currently undergoing (on your life, occupation, marriage, relationship, family members, etc). Until people who drink and drive, or drive while distracted, endure their fate then it’ll be society’s duty to react and to look after the ‘drop out’ from those reckless individuals, through social and criminal means, till they themselves begin to see that the duty of a single is the duty of all and also the duty of all would be the duty of a single.

Colorado Springs Gay Club Gets Remodeled

When Tragedy Strikes – Club Owners Strike Back

roofers colorado springsA kitchen fire burned the roof of a popular gay club in Colorado Springs. That didn’t stop the men of Colorado Springs from enjoying themselves on Friday night. We interviewed Stephen “Long” Johnson and he went on to say that all the local club goers started going over to Club Buddies while the kitchen got rebuilt over at the Rump Roast night club. When we asked club owner and Colorado Springs gay socialite Benjamin Rectumiston what his biggest concern was with the fire. He had this to say:

“Well, when the fire alarm started going off the first thing I thought about were our brothers we lost in the Orlando Nightclub shooting. At first I didn’t know it was a kitchen fire, but was pleased to find out it was in the aftermath. Everyone got out safe, nobody died, and insurance will pay for it all. So I am thankful for that”.

The fire had started from greasy hood vents that caught fire when a flaming dish of bananas foster was being caramelized for a dining quest. The bananas foster is a popular dish amongst club goers. It’s a long banana, caramelized, topped with a fruity compote, and a money shot of whipped cream. When we asked Benjamin if they would continue serving the dish. He went on to say:

“Of course we will, our guests really like the Banana Flambé in their mouths and I wouldn’t change the menu just because of an accident. The fire started because the hood vents weren’t being cleaned properly by the dish washers, it wasn’t the cooks fault.” 

So the menu will remain intact and guests will continue to enjoy the chefs menu. When we asked “how long” menu item bananas flambeuntil the club reopens Benjamin insisted that the delay was not on him, but on the contractors that were remodeling the kitchen. He proceeded to reply:

“Well, the Colorado Springs Roofing Company repaired the roof the first week and the insurance company covered all of it. The Kitchen Guys in Denver that are installing the new hood vents and the rest of the kitchen equipment have been set back from a lack of inventory. We are waiting on them for the new flat top grill and some shelving units.”

It looks like the Rump Roast will be back and open in no-time. Downtown Colorado Springs will be back in action by the end of the month. We are happy to report that since our interview with Benjamin the Kitchen guys have completed the remodel and the new hood vents, stoves, and grill were successfully installed.


These Schools Protect Trans and GNC Students

GSA Network

Public schools across the country are continuing to support and to protect the rights of transgender and gender expansive youth despite the Department of Education and Department of Justice’s recent announcement that they were going to rescind the instruction and guidance regarding Title IX provided to schools across the country on how to create welcoming, safe, and supportive school environments.

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Plastic Surgery & Selecting a Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery calls for surgical reconstruction of distinct regions of the body. You may want to consider plastic surgery as a result of disease, birth defects, burns or more private and for other decorative reasons. A plastic surgeon is a well defined surgical practitioner. This can be the people’s confidence that they’re coping with among the finest plastic surgeons accessible.

Plastic surgery can help improve the way in which you look and enrich your characteristics that are initial. Whether you want to have plastic surgery due to birth defects or for private motives, the results give you an entirely different outlook on life, build your self esteem and can boost your self confidence. You can find several choices that right disfigurements or enhance your look and can improve your life. Also some of the newer technologies are enabling us to do for example correcting vaginal relaxation using Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation processes complex female operations. It was usually an operation exclusively accessible through conventional systems until lately.

This should function as the first question you ask. There’s much public confusion about certification and there are a variety of certifications available, state certification, as an example. They have been the only board as an example, that can certify in reconstructive and plastic surgery. Also, discover who’ll be helping your plastic surgeon during your process. You’ll find many individuals wanted on your operation to go easily and restrict the opportunities of any complications as a support team. Generally, your support team includes support needed to your specific process, an anesthesiologist, recovery room nursing staff, and some other technicians or trained nursing staff. Learn what and who they’re and their qualifications.

What are side effects or the possible dangers of my plastic surgery procedure? Every operation carries the possibility of danger, as an example excessive blood loss, illness, or other complications that can happen or that may be unforeseen. They are able to occur though quite uncommon with modern day plastic surgery techniques, and you need additional operation that may put an extra financial risk or weight on you when they happen it can mean. Learn what these dangers are. CosmetAssure is essentially complications insurance that supplies Dr. Sawan‘s patients with an added layer of financial protection if that uncommon complication happen. A cosmetic surgeon possesses the greatest operative abilities and carries a spotless surgical record, the greatest credentials. Know that every process changes, but understanding ahead of time can help you plan for time or arrange for any dwelling service that is added help you might need. Anesthesia is consistently among the bigger threats of any kind of operation and there are essentially 3 kinds. Be sure and cover this issue completely.

The quickest method to understand about a plastic surgeon is by standing, and the matter that assembles (or downfalls) a plastic surgeon’s standing quicker than anything is the reviews or recommendations from present patients. Your cosmetic surgeon have the capacity to demonstrate them to you if you inquire, or should have a great sampling of reviews on their web site. If the plastic surgeon you might be considering using has not received letters and cards of thanks, chances are you will not be sending them one. If possible, discover if past patients are not unhappy with the style of the attending plastic surgeon, in addition to their operation results themselves.

Make Moving Company Prices Comparison Easier With These Few Tips

Not all moving companies are created equally and it can be particularly nerve-racking attempting to choose the correct fit in regards to comparing moving companies OKC costs. Happily, there are some hints to assist you to juggle your way through the process that is transferring. Have a look at these few tricks to allow you to compare costs that are moving.

1. Ensure you’ve got a cost to really compare: This might seem somewhat weird, but some less-honored firms estimate before they start the procedure for transferring your home or don’t give you a quote. Then move along, if a business will not quote you a cost. An excellent business will inquire as to how big your home, the number of furniture and goods you own and whether you’ve any things that are specific to be transferred. Thus ensure you have a cost in the first place, or opportunities are great you’ll find yourself with a price tag that is much heftier than is reasonable.

2. Cheaper isn’t always better: It can be tempting to pick the most economical moving company cost you find, based entirely on the cost. Then you are likely going to be dissatisfied with the firm if the quote is reduced than what you’d find elsewhere.

3. Strategy for pricing a move: An excellent business is going to have set way of pricing a move. Businesses that are truly excellent may supply you with several different quotes, predicated on computations that are distinct. You don’t have any strategy or should avoid businesses that give a vague answer. This suggests too little dependability.

4. Check options: Take a gander at multiple bids unless you’re totally assured in the first mover you find. Don’t rely on only a couple of businesses to provide you with an estimate, as you always have the option to shop around for better movers. Recall: it’s not unacceptable to select the greatest, or the lowest bid, but ensure you’ve got an excellent motive to achieve this. Never rely on the price tag as undependable movers and broken furniture have a greater price tag.

5. Assess the firm’s moving practices: Quality should be reflected by moving company costs moving practices. Businesses that are great could have great standings, which they’ve earned. Not only is packaging insurance significant, but also worker’s compensation should be insured, at the same time. Great establish themselves.