Cabo San Lucas is located in Mexico. This is very popular for world-class trips fishing. You will find various fish species from Roosterfish, snook, shark, saw to Black Marlin here. Driven by the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez waters, this location has the best offshore and inshore fishing locations. Los Cabos is a destination for fishing lovers and people from all over the world come here to fish here. People visiting this place can angle, fish, and enjoy the location thoroughly.

Best time for Fishing trips in Cabo San Lucas

September month is considered the best month to fish in this location. This is because of average temperatures being mid-90s and weather being warm to hot. Humidity is about 70 percent at this time. With this weather, big fishes are found in the water grounds at this time.

Fishing trips in Cabo San Lucas

Check out these best fishing and angling tours of Cabo San Lucas

Kingfish-This is a fishing trip that gives you a private chef who is ready to prepare a delicious recipe with the fish you catch. This trip also comprises unlimited beers, breakfast, margaritas, and more. Select a charter suiting your pack and according to your requirements and get set to enjoy, fish, eat, and retreat.

Spearfishing- Fishing is a challenge each time. Spearfishing is an adventure fishing trip in Los Cabos. You will get customized fishing trips with free gear during the travel. Signing up for this fishing trip gives you a choice of how many days, how many divers and how many species are your goal and choice of particular locations for diving. You create your fishing trip with them. This is why it is an ideal fishing tour with a fishing rod.

Inshore Fishing- This is a fishing trip where you can spend time with water and nature sounds while fishing and angling. However, it may not be so suitable for small kids. This is a long sailing fishing trip for the best inshore experience of fishing. You can get hands-on with some smaller species and marine fish varieties on this trip. These can be Spanish mackerel, roosterfish, yellowtail, and snapper. It will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Drone Fishing – This is a fishing trip of the next level. It blends technology and natural fishing. Try this out during your visit to Cabos San Lucas. You will see there are some benefits of drone fishing during a fishing trip. You will not require a boat for this fishing. Instead, a fishing drone is used, which will not scare the fish and let you get hands-on fish in peace. You will able to take a drone fishing trip with a Cabo resort. You don’t leave the resort and yet get an experience of fishing. Enjoy an endemic catch of marine fish and make a gourmet breakfast. Take pleasure in top-shelf food service. You will get professional guidance from a chef. Seat yourself under a beach umbrella and enjoy this delightful gourmet fish.


Cabo San Lucas offers several fishing trips to their visitors to get the best fishing experience. Each month has some fishes, less or more, but September is the best time to get the maximum experience of fishing. Select the best-suited fishing trip for you and your family this visit to Cabo San Lucas.


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