When it comes to classy, sophisticated and colorful flooring choices, both granite and marble have been the choice of millions across the world. Both these flooring materials are in huge demand and are sought after as surfacing materials for floors and also for countertops and also in bathrooms. However, if you are from Phoenix and are planning to decide between marble and granite, you must take a decision based on knowledge and information rather than being driven by opinion and hearsays alone. Hence, in this article, we will try and list down the attributes of granite and marble in Phoenix. You need to understand that both of them are different and therefore it is quite obvious that they will have different attributes. Hence, we are happy to share some basic information that will try and explain the basic differences between these two flooring choices. It will surely help the readers to make the right choice based on knowledge instead of being taken in by sales talk and other half-truths.

The Surface

Marble has a veining appearance and on the other hand, granite has a granular and fleck-like appearance. However, this is a general difference and it would be wrong to consider this as a rule. The surface finish would depend on various factors and we need to understand that both marble and granite are natural stones. These stones fall under two general categories. Siliceous stones mainly have silica and they are quartz in Phoenix. They are extremely durable and also quite easy to clean. Granite, sandstone, and slate fall under this category.

Calcareous stones are made mostly from calcium carbonate. They are sensitive to acids and react to common cleaning products like vinegar and even citrus fruits, tomatoes, wine and so on. The cleaning process, therefore, has to be different when compared to siliceous stone. Examples of these types of stones include limestone, onyx, and travertine and of course marble.

Which To Choose

Now that we have a basic idea, the question now arises as to which stone to choose. Both these stones are quarried from the earth and are natural. But as mentioned above they have different properties. Porosity is one of the major differences between marble and granite. Marble is softer and therefore more porous when compared to granite. However, there are a few types of marbles that are not so very porous. Granite, on the other hand, has a crystalline structure and therefore it is comparatively more resistant to abrasion, discoloration, staining and so on. According to experts, granite is considered to be one of the strongest when compared to all other natural stones.

They Have Some Common Attributes

We also should bear in mind that both granite and marble are heavy, hard, and are relatively scorch and heat proof. They also come in a wide array of patterns, colors, and designs. They are both created by nature and therefore there can be huge differences in patterns and colors. Hence, it may not be right to totally depend on a display sample and then place the order. You must have a physical look at both marble and granite stones and then make a buying decision.

In fine, both granite and marble are suitable for countertops, wall coverings, backsplashes, floor coverings and much more. They are both unique stones and are expensive and could mean a big spend as far as your pocket is concerned.


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Difference Between Granite And Marble