A dental retainer is a must to keep the teeth in place so that it enhances your looks and you feel comfortable in it. However, there are some do and don’t that you will have to follow when you wear them. This will be informed to you by the dentist when you decide to wear it.


Custom made retainers


Retainers are custom-made and are made keeping in mind the size and shape of the teeth and mouth. Based on the type of retainer you will choose the cost will vary. There are two types of retainer one is fixed and the other one is removable. You can go for whichever retainer you think will be comfortable for you. Dental retainer cost will vary based on many factors.


These are needed once the braces are removed. It helps to rebuild the bone which keeps the teeth intact after the teeth have moved slightly from their original position. It also helps in maintaining the new position of your teeth. So, there is no need to wait after you remove the braces and get the retainers before it is too late.


Plastic and Metal Retainer – Different cost


Based on the comfort level you can choose either a plastic or metal retainer. The cost of each one differs based on the size of the retainer. You shall have to visit the dentist till you are not fully satisfied. Once it fits well you will have to visit the dentist as suggested by him to ensure that there is no problem with it. No matter which retainer you prefer to choose the cost shall be somewhere between $ 150 to $ 400. It is possible that it might be on the little higher side as well so be prepared for that.


If you are a regular patient of the dentist there are chances that he might charge you less. But since it is very important to maintain your teeth and oral hygiene there is no need to compromise much as far as rate is concerned. If you think there is some discomfort experienced by you, you can always visit the dentist so that the problem can be fixed.


Oral hygiene after retainers


You need to brush your teeth twice a day so that the retainer lasts for a longer duration. Flossing your teeth as recommended by the dentist is also essential. Do not allow any plaque to be deposited on the teeth as it will spoil your teeth and shall be the reason for bad breath. Usually, the life span of the retainer is from six months to one year. So, if proper care is taken the retainer will last for more months without any problem. Apart from fixing the retainers if you wish to go for some other dental work the cost might increase. It is advisable that once you start the dental work try to get all the problems solved so that you do not have to visit the dentist again and again.


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